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Q&A: What are some other examples of supplemental benefits

By Elie Harriett   |  April 3, 2018

A new Q&A is up! This one is a fairly new question. But we are happy to answer it.

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Why didn't my supplement pay this bill?

By Elie Harriett   |  August 11, 2017

In this video, we go over the basic steps to getting a billing issue resolved. We all get bills we were not expecting and this is the start of our process of how to resolve them.

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Q&A: What is Medicare SELECT?

By Elie Harriett   |  June 12, 2017

What is Medicare SELECT? In this video, we talk about the differences between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare SELECT.

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Q&A: What is YOUR role? What do you do?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 30, 2017

What's my job? Why do I have it? Do you need to use me, or any other agent? If not, why should you consider it?

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Q&A: How hard is it to change insurance later on?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 15, 2017

In this video, we answer the question of whether you can change insurance after you make your first choice.

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Q&A: Can I keep my gym membership if I change insurance?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 5, 2017

Can you keep your gym membership if you change insurance?

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Website Q&A: My employer is providing retirement medical coverage. What are some things to look for?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 22, 2017

Our monthly bonus question: What are some things to consider when comparing employer coverage to individual coverage for retirement medical plans?

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Q&A: What's the difference between a deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 7, 2017

In this week's Q&A, we discuss what a deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment is. And we also answer the question why they are in your insurance.

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Q&A: What is Medicare's Recovery Options?

By Elie Harriett   |  February 20, 2017

If you need to recover, what does Medicare pay for?

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Q&A: Will my insurance work if I am out of state visiting my children?

By Elie Harriett   |  February 6, 2017

Here's a question we get asked a lot: what happens when you leave the state. Will your health insurance work or not?

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Medicare's Coverage of Preventative Services

By Elie Harriett   |  August 17, 2016

Brief description of how Medicare covers some commonly requested preventative services.

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Diabetes and Medicare: What is Covered and How?

By Elie Harriett   |  July 20, 2016

One of the most expensive diseases affecting older Americans today is diabetes. Learn about what Medicare pays for and how to get more information.

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Medicare and Health Insurance: The Traveller's Dilemma

By Elie Harriett   |  June 29, 2016

Will your insurance work when you travel? Good question. Here's the ins and outs of using your insurance when you go out of town.

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Medicare and the ACA's "Minimum Essential Coverage"

By Elie Harriett   |  June 20, 2016

How does Medicare meet the ACA's requirement of Minimum Essential Coverage? This brief article explains.

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Find a Doc

By Elie Harriett   |  June 2, 2016

When you are sick, the key to getting better is having a great doctor. Here is some information on selecting a doctor based on the insurance you have.

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More FAQ's You Should Ask

By Elie Harriett   |  May 4, 2016

Here are a list of 5 more common questions you should seek out answers to when choosing an insurance plan.

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FAQ's You Should Ask

By Elie Harriett   |  March 4, 2016

Normally, before a person makes a decision, they read a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's). However, there's a list of questions people SHOULD ask but don't. Here's a list of 5 FAQ's to ask.

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Some Projected Medicare Costs for 2016: A Moment of Clarity and Sanity

By Elie Harriett   |  August 6, 2015

The Medicare Trustee Report was recently published and shows some high increases for several Medicare costs going into 2016. This explains what the costs are projected to be at this time, and who it might affect. And why most people shouldn't panic.

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