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How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Medicare Eligibility

September 5, 2019

If you take the right steps, pre-existing conditions won't prevent you from being eligible for a Medicare supplement insurance plan. Classic Insurance & Financial Services shares the steps you need to take.

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5 Things to Do BEFORE Announcing Your Retirement

August 15, 2019

Ready to retire? Make sure you take these important steps before you announce your retirement.

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Q&A: Things I learned in AEP: Part 4 of 4: Costs are shifting

By Elie Harriett   |  January 21, 2019

The last video in our series of things I learned: Costs are shifting, and not necessarily for the benefit of the client. And they aren't going down either.

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Q&A: Things I learned this AEP Part 3 of 4: People are enrolling wrong

By Elie Harriett   |  January 11, 2019

In part 3, we discuss the ways people are having difficulty enrolling themselves.

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Q&A: Things I learned this AEP: (2/4) The Telemarketing is getting out of control!

By Elie Harriett   |  January 2, 2019

For the second thing I learned, it is robocalling is getting INSANE! No one should be calling or robocalling you for Medicare advantage or Prescription Drug Plans. And if you are in Ohio, no one should be calling you about Medicare supplement insurance.

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Q&A: Things I Learned This AEP (1 of 4): The Messaging is confusing

By Elie Harriett   |  December 26, 2018

First of four videos about things I learned this year. Things you will find interesting.

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News 5/14/18: Gets a Redesign

By Elie Harriett   |  May 14, 2018

Some news today says you Medicare is redesigning its plan finder.

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Can an Insurance Company Reject Me for Coverage?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 1, 2018

This question stems from confusion over what Medicare's rules are and what the ACA's rules are. Hopefully this can address some of the confusion.

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Q&A: Can I change my supplement mid-year?

By Elie Harriett   |  April 17, 2018

It is a common misconception that in the states we serve, you must wait until the end of the calendar year to change your Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Here's what you need to know about when and how you can change this important coverage.

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Q&A: What are some other examples of supplemental benefits

By Elie Harriett   |  April 3, 2018

A new Q&A is up! This one is a fairly new question. But we are happy to answer it.

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Q&A: Who has the best coverage for the lowest price?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 17, 2018

Another common question. Probably the #1 question asked. At least, if they aren't asking, they're thinking about it.

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Medicare News: 3/13/18: You're Getting A New Card!!

By Elie Harriett   |  March 13, 2018

In news this week: Medicare gets ready to roll out new Medicare Cards for All!!

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Q&A: My Pharmacy is Leaving the Network. How Can I Get my Drugs?

February 28, 2018

A question we were asked in one particular area during the last enrollment period. We wanted to put this out for all to see in case it comes up again.

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Medicare News 2/16/18: Cost of Combo Drugs has Gone Up. What to do.

By Elie Harriett   |  February 16, 2018

A new feature: Medicare news and some commentary on how you can protect yourselves. This one is about an article that a combo drug has gone up by 2000% and the things you can do to protect yourselves.

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Q&A: Can My Doctor Leave My Insurance Network?

By Elie Harriett   |  February 5, 2018

Can a doctor change their network or drop your insurance? Find out here!

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Q&A: My insurance company was just bought out. Is my coverage affected?

By Elie Harriett   |  January 22, 2018

A question we never expected to get. But due to some industry changes, we got it a number of times this year. Here is the answer we gave whenever we were asked about it.

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Q&A: What is "Preventative Dental?" What is "Comprehensive Dental?" What does Medicare cover?

By Elie Harriett   |  January 8, 2018

Our first video of 2018 is an answer to a frequent question we received last year. Dental: Preventative? Comprehensive? What's the difference?

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Q&A: What are some things I can do on my own to resolve prescription drug payment issues?

By Elie Harriett   |  September 11, 2017

What to do to resolve some prescription drug costs when they are unexpected.

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Why didn't my supplement pay this bill?

By Elie Harriett   |  August 11, 2017

In this video, we go over the basic steps to getting a billing issue resolved. We all get bills we were not expecting and this is the start of our process of how to resolve them.

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Q&A: How do I Know If or When I Enter the Donut Hole?

By Elie Harriett   |  July 14, 2017

In this video, we discuss how you find out of you have entered the coverage gap of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans or if there are other areas of concern to check out.

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Q&A: How do I pay my Medicare Premiums?

By Elie Harriett   |  June 21, 2017

This week, we discuss the methods for paying your premiums. All premiums, including Medicare supplement insurance, Medicare advantage, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, and even the IRMAA.

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Q&A: What is Medicare SELECT?

By Elie Harriett   |  June 12, 2017

What is Medicare SELECT? In this video, we talk about the differences between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare SELECT.

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Q&A: What is YOUR role? What do you do?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 30, 2017

What's my job? Why do I have it? Do you need to use me, or any other agent? If not, why should you consider it?

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Q&A: How hard is it to change insurance later on?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 15, 2017

In this video, we answer the question of whether you can change insurance after you make your first choice.

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Q&A: Can I keep my gym membership if I change insurance?

By Elie Harriett   |  May 5, 2017

Can you keep your gym membership if you change insurance?

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Q&A: What are some things I can do to reduce the cost of drugs?

By Elie Harriett   |  April 21, 2017

What to do if the drug prices, even with a prescription drug plan, are too high.

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Q&A: Why am I paying so much for insurance?

By Elie Harriett   |  April 3, 2017

This is a very sensitive question and I did my best to answer it.

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Website Q&A: My employer is providing retirement medical coverage. What are some things to look for?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 22, 2017

Our monthly bonus question: What are some things to consider when comparing employer coverage to individual coverage for retirement medical plans?

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Q&A: What's the difference between a deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 7, 2017

In this week's Q&A, we discuss what a deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment is. And we also answer the question why they are in your insurance.

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