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Q&A: Things I Learned This AEP (1 of 4): The Messaging is confusing

By Elie Harriett   |  December 26, 2018

First of four videos about things I learned this year. Things you will find interesting.

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Q&A: Who has the best coverage for the lowest price?

By Elie Harriett   |  March 17, 2018

Another common question. Probably the #1 question asked. At least, if they aren't asking, they're thinking about it.

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Q&A: My Pharmacy is Leaving the Network. How Can I Get my Drugs?

February 28, 2018

A question we were asked in one particular area during the last enrollment period. We wanted to put this out for all to see in case it comes up again.

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Q&A: My insurance company was just bought out. Is my coverage affected?

By Elie Harriett   |  January 22, 2018

A question we never expected to get. But due to some industry changes, we got it a number of times this year. Here is the answer we gave whenever we were asked about it.

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Q&A: What are some things I can do on my own to resolve prescription drug payment issues?

By Elie Harriett   |  September 11, 2017

What to do to resolve some prescription drug costs when they are unexpected.

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Q&A: How do I Know If or When I Enter the Donut Hole?

By Elie Harriett   |  July 14, 2017

In this video, we discuss how you find out of you have entered the coverage gap of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans or if there are other areas of concern to check out.

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Q&A: What are some things I can do to reduce the cost of drugs?

By Elie Harriett   |  April 21, 2017

What to do if the drug prices, even with a prescription drug plan, are too high.

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Do I Change My Insurance? A Guide for Surviving This Year's Enrollment Period

By Elie Harriett   |  September 23, 2016

Every year, Medicare gives you the opportunity to change certain insurance plans. But do you need to act? Here's a handy guide on what you should look at this year.

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Drug Costs Too High?

August 3, 2016

Some ways you can reduce your Prescription Drug costs.

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Diabetes and Medicare: What is Covered and How?

By Elie Harriett   |  July 20, 2016

One of the most expensive diseases affecting older Americans today is diabetes. Learn about what Medicare pays for and how to get more information.

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When Figuring A Prescription Plan, It's the Little Things That Matter

By Elie Harriett   |  February 17, 2016

Here are some little things you can do to ensure you get an accurate result in finding a prescription drug plan each year.

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